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Mechanical Services

Offering mechanical services on the following legends:

Willys MB 1941-1945  --  Ford GPW 1942-1945
CJ2A 1945-1949  --  CJ3A 1949-1953  -- CJ3B 1954-1963
Jeepster 1947-1950  --  Jeep Wagon, Stake 1947-1950  -- M38  --  M38A1, Pick-Up, CJ5-CJ6, AMC Jeep models 1972-1976

Tier One Service
Service encompasses complete rebuild of engines, transmissions, transfer case or axles using new or remanufactured new to factory specifications.  Parts are warrantied for 30 days only.  Steering gear or steering-related is available in Tier One service only. 

Tier Two Service
Basic service to get you on the road reliably, utilizing used parts where needed. No warranty is offered on this level of service.

Note for either service tiers: We don't offer partial work on steering gear or steering-related on any restoration.  Only new parts are used.  Brake work of any kind will require new parts and a complete restoration of the entire brake system excluding the parking brake system. 


All estimates include itemized parts recommended along with an approximate time to complete the work. If unseen issues arise while in progress, we will require written authorization before we proceed. All services require 50% of the estimate before we start your project. Complete new manufacture body kits require advance payment of the total including applicable shipping and taxes. If you reside in or take delivery in Minnesota, sales tax will be charged accordingly.  The hourly charge for any service work is $85.00 and we will bill in half hour increments after the first hour.

Core return or charge: If a new engine block, transmission or transfer case is required for Tier One service, a charge for the block, case or crankshaft is required. The core return must be something we can use for future rebuilds.  See below for a schedule of inspection and core returns charges. If a core is not provided to TJL, the core charge is equal to half the value of the replacement core. Example: a professionally checked engine block from TJL is purchased for $800.  If no core is returned we will charge an additional $400. We don't sell blocks or cases which look-good-but-don't-worry-about it.  Instead we provide the best tested engines around. The engine block is the foundation of your restoration.  Cutting corners will only cost you more later.


Engines which have been rebuilt by Tonka Jeep carry a 1 year warranty.  If upon return to our shop, we determine the engine was incorrectly installed, or we detect work was done other than what we originally built, or was done improperly, we reserve the right to void the warranty in full.  The customer in this case will be charged for any costs at an hourly rate of: $95.00/hour and shipping costs to and from the customer's location.  If we rebuild an engine for a second time, the warranty is for 30 days.  If there is any question about this, please contact us for clarification.